Archive Capital Fee (ACF)

A one-time fee per collection. The ACF ensures that JSTOR has the necessary resources to migrate data and software systems as technology evolves.


Annual Access Fee (AAF)

A recurring fee for each collection. The AAF covers the costs of maintenance, user services, and administration to support collections in JSTOR. The AAF is invoiced on a calendar-year basis.


Archive Collection Payment Options


1. Traditional Payment


Pay the ACF when you begin access to a new collection, and pay the AAF each year. The AAF is prorated for your first year of access.


2. Spread Out Your ACF


Subscribe to any of the Arts & Sciences collections or the Life Sciences Collection and pay out the ACF over a period of 10 years. There will be no interest charged on any of these payments. At the conclusion of the 10 years, when the ACF is completely paid, you pay only the AAF for the collections you participate in.

The annual installment payment is calculated by adding one-tenth of the collection's ACF to its AAF.


3. Make a One-Time Payment


Make a one-time payment for new archive collections you choose to add.

Eligibility varies by region and is limited to universities and four-year colleges. The offer is applicable to the Arts & Sciences I-XIV Collections, as well as Business IV, Jewish Studies, Hebrew Journals, and 19th-Century British Pamphlets.

This option does not apply to the Life Sciences or the remaining discipline-specific collections.


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