Are you part of a herbarium and would like to gain access to Global Plants?

Work with your institution:
  JSTOR works with more than 9000 institutions around the world.  We can help you work with your home institution to gain access. 
Sponsorship: JSTOR works with groups of qualifying institutions to obtain funding. We support the application process to help our Partners obtain access.

Read this profile on Kevin Thiele, Global Plants Initiative partner, and access in Australia to learn more about how sponsorship could work.

Contact Deirdre Ryan at  for more information on these options.

Are you interested in sponsoring access to Global Plants?

Global Plants Champions are individuals, herbaria, government agencies, or other entities that support herbaria by funding access to Global Plants.
Further research in biodiversity and collaboration among plant scientists around the globe. You may choose one of your field partners, or have us select the recipient. Sponsorship rates are affordable and start at $125.

Sponsor profile: Shelly James sponsors BISH

Benefits of Sponsorship
Make research and collaboration possible: The sponsored herbarium would not be able to otherwise take part in Global Plants.
Affordably provide and receive access: As part of Global Plants Champions, JSTOR bills sponsors at developing country rates.
Support a specific herbarium: Choose one of your field partners, or have us select the recipient.
Enable diversity: Your support will allow researchers from even the smallest institutions to take part in this collaborative project.

Contact Deirdre Ryan at for more information on these options.